Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Connie Stringer loves painting the wonders of Texas. Her animals and old cars are among the many subjects she describes as “Texas things.” Her expressive paintings are realistic with a touch of the abstract.

Featured artists in the March show are Dena, Mary Barnes, Carolyn Cobb, Kay Donahue, Sally Fraser, Richard Hess, Ruth Meaders, Dorothy Ann Mettting, Travis Megason, Cheri Merrifield, Nancy Paton, Jo Petersen, Nancy Skelsey, Jeanice Smith, Connie Stringer, Sandy Talen, Linda Wells, and Sue Yuma. Along with these artists there will be about 20 other artists participating.

The Bunkhouse Gallery is at 573 Old Spicewood Road in Cypress Mill, Texas 78663. You can find more information at or contact me at

We're going to make this our most fabulous show yet. This will be our first juried show

Sunday, November 20, 2011


We are going to have a fabulous juried Fine Art, Sculpture and Jewelry Show with over 400 works, Saturday and Sunday Mar 24, 25 and Mar 31- April 1 from 11 am till 6 pm.

Linda Wells, is not only our show chairman, but she is a painter of nature in oils and pastels. She captures the beautiful colors of fall, soft colors of winter and personalities of wildlife. Linda was an artist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, so she knows animals!

This is an image of a cat she painted in pastels.Isn’t it beautiful?

I'll be posting various artists work each week. So keep looking.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Can you see all the generations of people in this painting? Some of them approve of us..... Some of them don't. Sometimes I think that the older we get, the less we care. Sometimes I think, the older we get, the more we care. But maybe, it's that the older we get, the more selective we are about caring.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dutch Art Gallery Show

Linda Wells and I were in a show this past weekend at The Dutch Art Gallery, showing with the Artists of Texas group.   Linda and I stayed at Carolyn Cobb's house.  Carolyn also had some beautiful paintings in the show.  But I failed to get a photo of her or her wonderful work, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
We had such a great time and are charged up for the next show.  
I'll be showing the month of January at the convention center in Killeen, along with Jo Petersen, who is also one of our Bunkhouse gang.  then our next big event will probably be our huge show here at The Wenmohs Ranch, March 24, 25 and Mar 31, April 1.

You talk about wonderful paintings.  We will have them in abundance!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I JUST FINISHED THIS PAINTING THIS MORNING. It's 18 x 18 on a flat panel. Rats. Now I have to frame it. I have a ton of frames but I'm betting I dont have one this size, and I really like this painting.

So, it shall be done. First I have to make the upstairs trek to my frame stash. I haven't figured a name out for it yet.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jo Petersen's Abstract Painting

Well, it turned out I only could post one at a time. So here is one of Jo's paintings. She is really a master at the abstract and you'll learn a lot. She will be teaching design, color and composition, mixing the colors she uses, and more! I'll be teaching techniques that I use in my paintings, how to make stamps, and much more. We plan on keeping you busy while having a lot of fun.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wines across texas

I'll be having an exhibition at WINES ACROSS TEXAS Thursday Jan 27 in Marble Falls, from 5 - 7. Join me if you can. They have wonderful wine and paninis, and MY ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just one of the paintings I'll have there.